Just For Fun

These are links we had to put up because they’re just too good not to list. They probably have little if any informational value, but you’ll have fun if you visit them. Stumbled across a neat site we haven’t seen?  Send it in!

     Just for Kids

  • Nick Jr The website that is almost as fun as the TV channel. Kids can visit and learn more about the Nickelodeon characters and there are lots of fun activities too.
  • funschool.com – A place for kids from preschool through second grade.
  • Millsberry.comFun and simple. Visit Millsberry and become a member.

    For older Kids

  • Electronic Greeting Cards – This service, provided by Blue Mountain Arts, allows you to send electronic greeting cards to friends and family. An e-mail is sent to the recipient telling them where they can point their web browser to view the card.
  • Nick, Noggin and Nick Gas – all Nickelodeon sites aimed at older elementary age kids and up.
  • Pogo.com – Play games, win cash prizes and chat at the same time.
  • PopCap.comFree and easy! All games are played right in your browser. They’re all 100% java, so no downloads or plug-ins are needed. Fun and simple games that everyone can enjoy.