Computer Hardware

  • VITALink – They threatened not to answer our telephones any more if we didn’t list them first. VITALink not only provides the tech support for QCOL but offers excellent prices on just about any type of computer equipment available. In fact, they ship their products to customers all over the US. They have been in business since 1991 and have the experience to tackle just about any size computer related problem.
  • Price Watch – If you’re looking for new computer hardware, you’ll definitely want to check out this price search engine. It will allow you to choose what you’re interested in getting prices on, and then list prices from vendors all over the ‘net on that item, from lowest to highest.
  • Tom’s Hardware Guide – This site, a mecca for computer geeks worldwide, has every ounce of information you need to know about the insides of your PC, and how to get the most of them. Very interesting reading, even for the non-technical, as he explains much of the technical stuff he discusses in understandable terms.
  • System Optimization Information – Another excellent guide to getting the most out of your PC.