QCOL provides dial up internet to PA, MD and WV customers, as well as nationwide $25.00 per month.

Dial-up accounts – Dial-up accounts provide you with the right to one modem connection to the Internet at any given time. Having more than one modem connection active at any given time (if you have two computers, or someone is using the account away from home) is not allowed. You will also receive one e-mail address that will be your dial-up username followed by “@qcol.net.” Also included is one secondary e-mail address and personal web space, you can set these up by clicking on the “Member Services” link on the menu. You will need your username and password to access the member services section of our site.

 Current Local Dial-Up Access Numbers:

Log-in Information:
   <your QCOL username>@qcol.net

Mail servers:
Incoming (POP3 or imap): mail.qcol.net
Outgoing (SMTP): mail.qcol.net

SMTP Settings:
Port: 25 (should be default)
SMTP Authentication: YES
Authentication Method: STARTTLS

Name servers:


Please note that QCOL cannot be held responsible for long distance charges from your telephone company.  It is the sole responsibility of the QCOL user to determine whether a given dial-up number is a local call. 



Usage of QCOL indicates agreement to our AUP.  QCOL will not be held responsible for user long distance charges.