Had enough of using the Internet for fun? Want to get some serious information from it? Fear not, there really is useful information out there. The trick is knowing where to find it. If you have any good reference links that should be added here, we’d like to hear from you! Send e-mail to

  • – This famous encyclopedia is now online.
  • – As the name would imply, here you’ll find an online searchable dictionary, along with grammar and usage tips.
  • Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • Roget’s Thesaurus – A web-based companion to, for when a synonym will be enough… err, satisfy… no — suffice!
  • Bartlett’s Quotations – Another valuable reference, for “when you care enough to send the very best,” but don’t quite have the words to do so.
  • – An on-line encyclopedia, for when carrying the whole set around with you seems a bit inconvenient.
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac – Here you’ll find an online edition of the book that has something for just about everyone.
  • Infoplease.comThe name covers it. If you need information, please go here. Daily, homework, kids, entertainment, living, etc. Quick search covers their almanac, encyclopedia and dictionary.
  • Fact Monster – Kids’ reference site, includes atlas, almanac, dictionary and encyclopedia; along with other fun informational stuff.
  •“The single best source for facts on the Net”.